Ensure all tasks are completed on-time with Infor AMSI eService innovative work order software. This web-based maintenance and work order software for property managers is perfect for multifamily communities and Commercial Properties with eService, owners and managers have the ability to control the assignment an orders for multiple properties.

Schedule, document. and monitor preventive maintenance and work order online with ease by using eService. You can enter and track daily maintenance activities, including status and generate detailed online reporting of all work order activity at your properties. eService is also fully integrated with eSite, giving you the ability to greatly improve the efficiency of your site operations. Tenants and Residents can optionally enter and track work order requests.

Vital Features of our Work Order Software for Property Managers

Preventive maintenance is essential to your building’s upkeep and your business’s success. eService offers several features to make maintenance simple and effect. This user-friendly software comes with the following functions and many others.

Easy-to-Use Request Scheduler

Please your residents with our easy-to-use request scheduler. When your residents notice an issue, eService allows them to enter a work order online. Maintenance requests from the residents are quickly entered into the system and assigned to an employee. With just a few keystrokes, the open work orders are displayed on screen where they can be easily monitored until completion.

Simple Work Assignment for Better Resource Management

Better manage your resources with eService’s work assignment function. Work orders can be assigned to individual employees at the time they are entered or at a later date. This allows you to determine the most effective way to handle the work at hand.

Fast Access to Request Tracking

Track the status of work orders to ensure your property is operating properly. Open and closed work orders are easily trackable online via the “Today’s Page” Dashboard feature. The eService system also allows you to filter for specific work orders based on property, status, priority, and other criteria.

Complete Work Order Management

Modify existing work order to keep your system—and your residents—up-to-date. eService allows you to change essential data on any work order with just a few keystrokes. You can also re-assign work orders when necessary, close it when the job is complete, correct any descriptions, and much more. Once a work order is created, you have full control over its status and data.

Customizable Work Order Reports and History

Generate work order reports whenever necessary. Reports can be created for online viewing or printing. All eService reports can be customized for your needs based upon your selection criteria for each report. The eService work order software system also maintains an unlimited number of work orders, allowing you to keep a complete work order history for your records.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps to Manage Work Orders as well as for Inspection. We also have Mobile Apps for Leasing and Purchase Order Approval.


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