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Boost your profits with property management software for apartments and commercial properties, as well as other facilities, such as Senior Living and Student Housing. We assist you to expeditiously utilize best practices for your business.

Having helped implement AMSI software for over 500 clients in 23 states, we offer customized training and support specifically tailored to your needs. Our firm offers a comprehensive, flexible and intuitive system that is ideal for discerning management firms. With a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) below more expensive systems, it will enhance your ROI.

We offer not only a very flexible software solution, but also options for the greatest flexibility in this market in how you acquire and pay for it. Our clients can choose to “Self Host” if they have an IT infrastructure, or buy (License) the software and have Infor host it for you. No need to be concerned about backups, loading updates, or buying and maintaining the system components. You can also choose the straight SaaS (rental basically) pricing model, also hosted in the cloud.

If you want to “own” the software without writing a check for the total investment in software and services, low interest Infor financing is available.

Infor/AMSI’s open architecture means you can still use your favorite Industry vendor for applications such as Online Leasing, Revenue Management, Utility Billing, Resident Screening, Credit Card/ACH payments, Insurance, Lead Tracking, Collections and more. We have proven seamless certified integrations with over 80 top industry vendors. Please request a list of them which is updated monthly.



AMSI eSite is a complete, web-based site operations application designed to centralize on-site activity. eSite offers a variety of on-line features such as traffic, applications, rent collection and report distribution. eSite centralizes data collection and software administration, significantly reducing operational costs and increasing decision support capabilities. eSite “guides” the user through the program with intuitive prompts, thus making it easy to use and easy to learn.

Some of the key features of eSite include drilldown dashboards, property statistics, daily task management and resident relationship management. Multiple Properties can be easily accessed with a keystroke, no need to change Databases.

Task Organizer – Dashboard

Today’s Page is a simple, yet detailed format that gives a comprehensive picture of daily activity. From move-in/move-out activity to user-defined tasks, eSite’s Today’s Page ensures that owners and managers never have to worry about important tasks being overlooked and not completed.

Property Statistics Inquiry

Gives a snapshot Property overview of key performance indicators such as % Occupied, % Leased, outstanding rent, and collections , as well as availability and leasing statistics.


By setting up Roles and Permissions, Management can control what a User can see and do down to the Menu level. In addition to the Roles and Permission setup, Management can control which property or properties each User has access to. Each User will have their own login ID and password.




Infor AMSI’s Commercial Property Type provides the commercial real estate owner and manager with a powerful yet easy to navigate business tool. It proficiently automates cumbersome lease administration tasks and accounts receivable processes, thereby eliminating manual re-entry of data. eSITE/Commercial interfaces with eFinancials to provide the owner or fee manager a complete accounting solution. This powerful lease administration and accounts receivable tool enables owners to manage their assets efficiently using intuitive lease profile set up and tenant billing screens. It is designed to handle leases for office, retail, industrial and flex portfolios.

Lease Administration Tools

Intuitive interface for lease abstracting that provides detailed lease data capture including:

  • Insurance certificate requirements
  • Unlimited abstract memos
  • Automatic renewals
  • Rent escalations – Base Rent, CAM, CPI increases, etc.
  • Flexible recurring and one time charge processing with Invoice/statement printing using Microsoft Word mail merge functionality.

Flexible CAM Recovery

Provides calculation and automatic billing of CAM prepayments and reconciliation through intuitive data entry screens at the lease level, eliminating duplication of set up and data entry each year.


ACCOUNTING – eFinancials

ACCOUNTING – eFinancials

Infor AMSI eFinancials is a browser based property management accounting solution designed to provide owners and managers of real estate assets the foundation required to organize and streamline their accounting system.

eFinancials is not a generic accounting software program, but rather designed especially for property management. As business owners and managers, you need continuous access to current and complete business information to manage effectively. eFinancials stores all business-critical data in a centralized database that allows you to retrieve up-to-date data on demand.

eFinancials provides you the ability to define who can access data, what data they can see and the actions permitted by Property down to the field level.

Flexible to address your specific needs

  • Supports simultaneous cash and-accrual-based accounting
  • Partnerships and other business types are easily handled
  • You can use different accounting periods for multiple entities
  • User calendars provide reminders for time-critical tasks
  • Real time integration with eSite, ePO and Job Cost




Job Cost is a Web-based accounting system that includes all standard Job Cost features for Developers. When you integrate Job Cost with the other AMSI Evolution Suite products, you can use it to setup, process, and report on your organization’s job cost transactions and real time status status of your active projects.

Job Cost stores all business-critical data in a centralized database that allows you to retrieve up-to-date data on demand. Continuous access to current and complete project data allows you to operate effectively and aids in decision making.

Some of the Reports that are standard in the system are:

  • Cash Flow Analysis by Job
  • Committed Costs Status
  • Estimated Cost and Hours
  • GL Detail by Job
  • Job Cost Detail
  • Work in Progress




Eliminate unnecessary expenses and lower regular costs with AMSI ePO, budget control software for property managers. This web-based purchase order and budget control application is designed to centralize and control critical expenditure occurring on your site.

Online and User-Friendly PO Management Software

The ePO management software allows users to perform a variety of related tasks online, including entering purchase orders, invoices and preparing budgets.Navigating through ePO is simple and the program includes the following features that benefit your company through better expense control and more intelligent purchasing: purchase order management, shopping management, and invoice management.

Never Exceed Budget with ePO’s Purchase Order Management

Avoid budget overruns and costly mistakes by allowing ePO’s purchase order management feature to check purchases against your budget. ePO verifies funds before a purchase order or invoice is created whenever you use the Check Budget option.

With its complete budget control capabilities, ePO disallows any over-budget expenditure or any purchase exceeding your spending limit. Authorization levels and budgets are maintained in a centralized environment. Management is notified instantly via email of any outstanding purchase orders requiring their authorization. PO’s can be approved or denied using the mobile app.




Ensure all tasks are completed on-time with Infor AMSI eService innovative work order software. This web-based maintenance and work order software for property managers is perfect for multifamily communities and Commercial Properties with eService, owners and managers have the ability to control the assignment an orders for multiple properties.

Schedule, document. and monitor preventive maintenance and work order online with ease by using eService. You can enter and track daily maintenance activities, including status and generate detailed online reporting of all work order activity at your properties. eService is also fully integrated with eSite, giving you the ability to greatly improve the efficiency of your site operations. Tenants and Residents can optionally enter and track work order requests.

Vital Features of our Work Order Software for Property Managers

Preventive maintenance is essential to your building’s upkeep and your business’s success. eService offers several features to make maintenance simple and effect. This user-friendly software comes with the following functions and many others.

Easy-to-Use Request Scheduler

Please your residents with our easy-to-use request scheduler. When your residents notice an issue, eService allows them to enter a work order online. Maintenance requests from the residents are quickly entered into the system and assigned to an employee. With just a few keystrokes, the open work orders are displayed on screen where they can be easily monitored until completion.




A powerful, web-based property consolidation analysis tool that allows you to view and extract the specific analytical information you need to manage the progress of your business.

ePortfolio Decision

ePortfolio Decision is a state of the art graphical Internet tool that provides high-level property management information at a glance for the corporate decision maker. It summarizes data from the AMSI Evolution suite of products based on user-defined criteria such as geographic location, property type, or management team. ePortfolio Decision is designed to give a consistent look and feel without regard to type of browser or screen resolution.

ePortfolio Reports

ePortfolio Reports is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and provides fast and adaptive ways to interact with your data. The extensive functionality of Excel is enhanced through ePortfolio Reports, enabling powerful reporting and presentation of real-time data from any system.



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