Powerful Property Management Software for Commercial Properties

Automate cumbersome lease administration tasks and accounts receivable processes with our powerful and easy-to-navigate property management software for commercial properties. eSite – Commercial Operations is a business tool from AMSI of Infor (TM) designed to handle leases for office, retail, industrial, and flex portfolio purposes while eliminating manual re-entry of data. It also interfaces with eFinancials to provide you with a complete accounting solution.

The Commercial Property Type edition of eSite enables owners to manage their assets efficiently using intuitive lease profile set-up and tenant billing screens. It offers a variety of lease administration tools with an intuitive interface for lease abstracting. Many clients enjoy the program’s flexible recurring and one-time charge processing capabilities with convenient invoice printing through Microsoft Word (TM). The software also provides detailed lease data capture for many items, including:

Insurance Certificate Requirement
Unlimited Abstract Memos
Automatic Renewals
Rent Escalations (Base Rent, CAM, CPI Increases, Etc.)

Automatic Calculations for CPI Increase Escalation Billing

CPI increase escalation billing is a no problem with the Commercial Property Type edition of eSite. The program automatically calculates and bills rent increases based on the Consumer Price Index increase using any table published by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

You can easily manage base year or roll forward billing periods, as well as anniversary billing frequencies (annually, biannually, etc.). eSite stores unlimited values in unlimited CPI tables (i.e. local, city, region and national tables) and even allows for one-time set-up of lease level escalation formulas.

Make Percentage Rent and Retail Sales Simple

Lose the calculator and let our software handle the tedious calculations required for billing. eSite automates the calculation and reconciliation of percentage rent billings. The program also offers comprehensive retail gross sales tracking, as well as reporting capabilities.

Flexible CAM Recovery

Stop entering data for CAM recovery each year by using eSite. This property management software for commercial properties provides calculation and automatic billing of CAM prepayments and reconciliation through intuitive data entry screens at the lease level. This function eliminates the yearly duplication of set-up and data entry, freeing you up to focus on other things.

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