Portfolio Reporting

A powerful, web-based property consolidation analysis tool that allows you to view and extract the specific analytical information you need to manage the progress of your business.


ePortfolio Decision

ePortfolio Decision is a state of the art graphical Internet tool that provides high-level property management information at a glance for the corporate decision maker. It summarizes data from the AMSI Evolution suite of products based on user-defined criteria such as geographic location, property type, or management team. ePortfolio Decision is designed to give a consistent look and feel without regard to type of browser or screen resolution.

ePortfolio Reports

ePortfolio Reports is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and provides fast and adaptive ways to interact with your data. The extensive functionality of Excel is enhanced through ePortfolio Reports, enabling powerful reporting and presentation of real-time data from any system.

ePortfolio Alerts

ePortfolio Alerts enhances ePortfolio Reports capacity to identify, analyze and report on performance and trends concealed within your database. ePortfolio Alerts automates aspects of the reporting process facilitating the inquiry and analysis of your maintenance, performance and revenue-generating assets.