AMSI eSite is a complete, web-based site operations application designed to centralize on-site activity. eSite offers a variety of on-line features such as traffic, applications, rent collection and report distribution. eSite centralizes data collection and software administration, significantly reducing operational costs and increasing decision support capabilities. eSite “guides” the user through the program with intuitive prompts, thus making it easy to use and easy to learn.

Some of the key features of eSite include drilldown dashboards, property statistics, daily task management and resident relationship management. Multiple Properties can be easily accessed with a keystroke, no need to change Databases.

Task Organizer – Dashboard

Today’s Page is a simple, yet detailed format that gives a comprehensive picture of daily activity. From move-in/move-out activity to user-defined tasks, eSite’s Today’s Page ensures that owners and managers never have to worry about important tasks being overlooked and not completed.

Property Statistics Inquiry

Gives a snapshot Property overview of key performance indicators such as % Occupied, % Leased, outstanding rent, and collections , as well as availability and leasing statistics.


By setting up Roles and Permissions, Management can control what a User can see and do down to the Menu level. In addition to the Roles and Permission setup, Management can control which property or properties each User has access to. Each User will have their own login ID and password.

Resident Relationship Management (RRM)

You nave the power to regulate how your organization interacts with their prospective and current residents. Sophisticated e-mail templates and workflow rules let you standardize company communications, ensuring a consistent level of customer service from your entire team. It also improves internal communication by enabling the secure sharing of customer information with assistants, team members, or anyone you designate.

Resident Letters generate personalized letters by linking directly to Microsoft Word and either creating your own letters or accessing a comprehensive collection of letters that can be modified to meet your communication objectives.

Traffic Manager

Detailed Traffic Reports help you develop effective marketing programs, track demographic data and evaluate leasing agents’ performance. Integration with the top screening companies is available and seamless.

Property Viewer

Start with a comprehensive view and drill down to the detailed information needed to effectively manage your properties.


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