Eliminate unnecessary expenses and lower regular costs with AMSI ePO, budget control software for property managers. This web-based purchase order and budget control application is designed to centralize and control critical expenditure occurring on your site.

Online and User-Friendly PO Management Software

The ePO management software allows users to perform a variety of related tasks online, including entering purchase orders, invoices and preparing budgets.Navigating through ePO is simple and the program includes the following features that benefit your company through better expense control and more intelligent purchasing: purchase order management, shopping management, and invoice management.

Never Exceed Budget with ePO’s Purchase Order Management

Avoid budget overruns and costly mistakes by allowing ePO’s purchase order management feature to check purchases against your budget. ePO verifies funds before a purchase order or invoice is created whenever you use the Check Budget option.

With its complete budget control capabilities, ePO disallows any over-budget expenditure or any purchase exceeding your spending limit. Authorization levels and budgets are maintained in a centralized environment. Management is notified instantly via email of any outstanding purchase orders requiring their authorization. PO’s can be approved or denied using the mobile app.

Complete Your Orders with Invoice Management

Seamlessly complete your orders with invoice management by ePO. This feature integrates with the purchase order management program to manage the payment process from invoice entry to bill payment, completing the process in full.

Take Financial Control Further

Budget control is just the beginning of what our technology can do for you. In addition to budget control software for property managers, our firm also offers highly effective property management accounting software called eFinancials.

The eFinancials software offers accounting solutions tailored for real estate owners and managers. When used in tandem with ePO, you empower yourself to keep your business’s finances on track to long-lasting success. Read the ePO and eFinancials product brochures to learn more about these programs.


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