Infor AMSI eFinancials is a browser based property management accounting solution designed to provide owners and managers of real estate assets the foundation required to organize and streamline their accounting system.

eFinancials is not a generic accounting software program, but rather designed especially for property management. As business owners and managers, you need continuous access to current and complete business information to manage effectively. eFinancials stores all business-critical data in a centralized database that allows you to retrieve up-to-date data on demand.

eFinancials provides you the ability to define who can access data, what data they can see and the actions permitted by Property down to the field level.

Flexible to address your specific needs

  • Supports simultaneous cash and-accrual-based accounting
  • Partnerships and other business types are easily handled
  • You can use different accounting periods for multiple entities
  • User calendars provide reminders for time-critical tasks
  • Real time integration with eSite, ePO and Job Cost
  • Optional ACH payments
  • Built-in Flexible Reporting
  • Unlimited Consolidations
  • Document Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • User Spending Limit

Saves time and effort

Supports a global vendor file that is shared across multiple entities with a restricted access feature.

Provides Drill Downs

Includes the ability to move from summary data to detail data all the way to the transaction level, giving you the ability to better understand results and to investigate problems.

Includes Sub-ledgering on Accounts

Sub-ledgering aids in the organization of revenue and expense transactions for accounts.

Makes Reporting Easy

Comes complete with reports already’ designed for property management – just enter your chart of accounts, and produce ten P&L formats, multiple Balance Sheet Formats and other Reports. With the Report Formatting built in the system you completely control the Vertical Format and for ultimate flexibility, the optional F9 Excel Report Writer or ePortfolio Report Writer give you the ability to totally, customize the provided reports or create your own.

Enables Automated Bill-Paying

Accounts Payable provides powerful automatic processing, convenient built-in features, and multiple audit controls that enhance productivity and accuracy.

Other Non-Property Entites

The flexibility of the Chart of Accounts and the Report Writing flexibility allows virtually any type of entity to be setup.


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