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Click here to learn about nGage - the virtual leasing agent

Click here to learn about nGage™ - the virtual leasing agent

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Pre-Leasing Interactive Touchscreen

Interactive Sales Tool for Apartment Properties - nGage™

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nGage™ is a low cost innovative tool for apartment property companies to improve occupancy rates and increase revenue. It consists of a graphics and content rich self-service interactive touch screen in the leasing center of an apartment property. It attracts, engages and informs prospective residents while they wait to be attended by the staff.

On the nGage™ touch screen the prospective residents can browse and lookup information about the community, neighborhood, floor plans, rents, availability of apartments, amenities , any promotions and specials being offered, and more.

nGage™ - Summary of Key Benefits

    Increase occupancy and revenue
    Gain competitive advantage
    Engage, inform and impress prospective residents
    Capture sales leads
    Low investment, very high return

Higher Occupancy And Revenue

An apartment property loses $200,000 to $400,000 every year due to prospective residents who stop in while the leasing center staff is out showing apartments to others. nGage™ prevents this loss by providing an interactive and informative pre-selling experience to waiting prospects, and keeping them around until the staff returns.

Simply put, the more people you show apartments to, the more apartments you lease.

Low Cost of Ownership

A small setup cost and a low monthly subscription charge make nGage a very affordable value-add to your business, with extremely high return on investment.

Customizable Content

You can add, change or remove content on the nGage™ screen in your property at anytime from anywhere. Just log in to a secured website, and change text, pictures, rental prices, floor plans, features, discounts and specials, and more.

Competitive Advantage

Having nGage™ in the lobby adds a touch of class to your leasing center, makes a positive impression on the visitors, and distinguishes you from the competition in the neighborhood. You can choose from many styles of screens and mounting options.

More Sales Leads

Prospective renters can leave their contact information and rental preferences on nGage™ screen. This information is automatically forwarded to a designated staff member, so the leads can be followed up.

Simple Implementation

Businesses using nGage™ have no need to understand, implement or maintain the technology it is based on. Just plug and play. nGage™ can be installed and started in your leasing center in an hour. All you need is a small desktop or laptop computer (any computer in your leasing center) and internet connection when customizing the content.

nGage™ is a registered trademark of MindSpan Systems Inc.

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