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Budget Control - ePO

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AMSI ePO is a web-based purchase order and budget control application designed to centralize and control critical expenditures occurring on-site. This application lets you perform a variety of tasks on-line including entering purchase orders and invoices, preparing budgets and purchasing electronically from e-procurement sites.

Navigating through ePO is simple.  ePO includes the following features that will benefit your company through better expense control and more intelligent purchasing:

PO Management

  • Complete budget control capabilities can effectively eliminate budget overruns and costly mistakes by checking against your budget.
  • ePO will disallow an over budget expenditure or an expenditure exceeding a user’s spending limit.  Authorization levels and budgets are maintained in a centralized environment.
  • Management is notified instantly via email of any outstanding purchase orders requiring their authorization.
  • ePO provides an easy way to verify funds before a purchase order or invoice is created using the “Check Budget” option.

Shopping Management

  • ePO’s on-line shopping feature allows users to import any vendor’s catalog information and select items from that catalog to create purchase orders.
  • ePO can be a direct link between buyers and suppliers, significantly reducing both product prices and operational costs.
  • Strict password protection is built into ePO assuring that proper procedures are followed for all purchasing decisions.

Invoice Management

  • Seamlessly integrates with purchase orders and manages the process from invoice entry through bill payment, completing the purchasing process.

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